Fresh Tomato Soup

When the garden is overflowing
1 hour 20 minutes Total Time
20 minutes to prep
1 hour to cook
4 cups

I already have a Roasted Tomato soup recipe on here that I love. However, this summer we started a garden and have had great success growing tomatoes. Too much success, so I looked for a recipe to use up the beefsteak tomatoes. This recipe is adapted from Cook's Country. It is very simple. The prep time comes from squeezing out the seeds. You don't really have to do that, but I prefer to have fewer seeds in the soup and blending never seems to get them all. 

The other recipe includes Boursin cheese which adds a lot of flavor. It could be added to this recipe also. But I also like to have the pure tomato flavor since the homegrown tomatoes are so flavorful. 

I make this with beefsteak tomatoes, but other types will work. This recipe would double easily, but you will need to use two pans and blend the soup in multiple batches. 



  • Gather and prep ingredients. Preheat oven to 450°.
    Step 0
  • Mix all ingredients, except the basil on a rimmed baking sheet. It will start out crowded, but the vegetables will shrink. Roast in the oven for 45 minutes and up to one hour until the vegetables are browned.
    Step 1
  • Stir the vegetables once or twice during the cooking. Remove from oven when vegetables are well roasted and starting to brown.
    Step 2
  • Put the entire contents of the pan into the blender. If the blender is much more than 1/2 full, you should do this in two batches.
    Step 3
  • Blend for 3 minutes to puree as much as possible. Unless you have a Vitamix type blender, the soup will probably still have some seeds and some bits of skin. If you want a purely smooth soup, you can strain it to remove any bits. I am fine with the bits, but my picky eater likes it strained.
    Step 4
  • Serve with optional chopped basil. Leftovers can be kept in refrigerator or frozen. This is a small batch of soup, so I usually eat them within a few days.
    Step 5

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